The Doha Film Institute

Ajyal Film Festival 2020

In year 2020, the Ajyal Film Festival, created by the Doha Film Institute, went through a brand revamp to target a wider audience. This change was reflected in the festival's new approach by using bold colours, dynamic fonts and layouts. My role in all of this was to bring the brand to life through animation (and occasionally editing). In here you will find some of the videos I've done.


Storyboarding and Art Direction

This piece was a lot of fun to work on. The main challenge was to come up with a video concept to promote the festival's 'Drive In Cinema'.

The challenge was to make something that could be done quickly - as an alternative to shooting/using live footage due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. So I presented the concept, visual style and art direction, supported by a storyboard, and then animated it, using miniature car models - which made me feel like a kid again!

This was the 'brand activation' piece that was used as a generic guide for all videos made. The objective was to convey the personality and look and feel of Ajyal2020 - inspired by pop culture and embracing the use of dynamic typography.

This landed as a last minute request, where I had the pleasure of editing the 'Made In Qatar' section's Trailer of Trailers. The challenge? I was briefed at 7pm, and had to deliver by 5am (including watching the short films)!