How to Train Your Dragon - Dragonsfest campaign


Worked with the lovely team at Wonderful Content to create the graphics for the 'Dragonsfest' campaign. The goal of the campaign was to promote the dragons and the 'families/classes' they belong to.


The scope of work entailed coming up with the concept, design, animation and delivery.

The end result was a package consisting of ready-to-use assets that could be sent to TV stations worldwide. These assets were basically a variety of teasers, countdowns,  in-promo stings, end-boards, as well as Instagram/Facebook content.


After Effects ‘Element 3D’ was used for quick turnaround. 

The launch of the campaign was preceded by a countdown, to gradually introduce the classes and the look and feel. 

After the launch, the campaign was followed by social media content to maintain the audience's engagement and their awareness of the dragons and their classes.