Clips taken from films directed by Amer Jamhour


Along with my motion graphics career, I have been writing and directing narrative live-action fiction work and corporate videos. I also work as a script reader/developer with scriptwriters and producers from the Middle East. Check out some of the film work I've done recently. 




Short Film


15:00 min

Little Dunia is asked to wait in the car in an effort to shield her from her mother's desperate decision, but when a curious cop comes a-knocking, Dunia's innocence is suspensefully put to the test.


J for Jihad

Short Film


12:40 min

It's Christmas in London and 30 year old Middle Eastern immigrant, Jihad, must confront his

mental illness to reclaim his life, his boyfriend and his job, before he is deported to his war

stricken home.


Beautiful Moments

Corporate Video


02:00 min

The University of the Arts, London (LCC) teamed up with Sir Robert McAlpine to create a set of health and safety videos for their employees across  all U.K. sites.



Backed with training and an industry Diploma from the National Film & Television School (NFTS) in Script Development, I work with producers and writers to develop scripts up to a production-ready stage. Whether it’s a short or a feature, the process covers all the essential elements of a screenplay, starting from a thorough revision of the logline, premise and creating a clear dramatic/thematic conflicts of the film, all the way to structure,  believable characters, their journey/arc, genre, pace and visual language. 


For further inquiries about script coverage, please feel free to get in touch.