J for Jihad

- Short film -


It's Christmas in London and 30 year old Middle Eastern immigrant, Jihad, must confront his mental illness to reclaim his life, his boyfriend and his job, before he is deported to his war stricken home.

'J for Jihad' is a psychological thriller that amalgamates reality with surrealism to visualise trauma, as well as create a tense piece of cinema that expresses minority and loneliness against inner strength.

Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

Amer Jamhour


Daisy Ward and Kyle Stumpp


Arry Zhong

Music and Sound

Jack Green

+ Audio Network


Stefano Campodifiori

Chris Clynes

Amelia Parrilon

Scott Barrington

Julian Bivol

Sophie Dean

Melissa Dalton

Ben Perl

Lorna V

Oliver Hewett

Siobhan Spooner

Hazel Jacobs

Full credits available upon request

VFX Breakdown

The film relies on various 'dream sequences' that happen in a surreal setting.

Check out the VFX breakdown, explaining how these shots were made.

Film Poster

Festival Ciné Palestine FCP

UFVF/KODAK Award - Silver